Old-Fashioned Soaps

These are soaps handcrafted by us using either cold or hot process methods of making old-fashioned soap mixing lye and oils to create soap that is long-lasting, multifunctional and as unique as we want to be.

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  • “A Better” Soap


    This soap is super conditioning! Make with Local KY IPA from Abettor Brewing Company  in Winchester, KY with all sorts of good things added. Tussah Silk and  Meadowfoam Oil and yogurt for extra conditioning. Cetyl alcohol, and maple syrup for lather boosting. Activated charcoal to help all dirt and grime to wash away from your body. It’s just a beautiful blend!  Scented in Aronia Berry.

  • Avocado Aloe & Cactus Water


    This bar is filled with ingredients that love your skin! From lard to aloe to silk and mango butter! Avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil, yogurt, kaolin clay, and coconut milk work with them to nourish as they clean. There is no ingredient added here that wasn’t added specifically for its skin-conditioning qualities! And the scent is so gentle and unique and lovely that you’ll find yourself coming back to smell it again repeatedly.

  • Bewitched


    This custom exotic blend of cedar, sage, coriander, and lavender in this soap is positively bewitching. This is one of our “big butter” bars with very high amounts of luxurious cocoa, mango, and shea butters to give you a hard and long-lasting bar that treats your skin like it deserves to be treated.

  • Black Raspberry & Poppy


    This 100% coconut oil soap is a custom blend of poppies and sun-ripened raspberries! We captured the super cleansing properties of coconut oil soap and added an extra coconut oil as super fat and cruelty-free tussah silk along with yogurt and coconut milk to condition and treat your skin.

  • Darkest Slumber


    This relaxing combination of sandalwood, tonka bean, lavender, and vanilla is as enchanting as the sweet call of darkness.

  • Enchantress


    Enchantress is a custom subtle blend of familiar scents that will have you loving the way your skin smells! Huckleberry, orange, peach, cherry blossom, white jasmine in a mix of essential oils, resins, and fragrance oils. The lemon and lime juices also make this a great soap for those with hard water.

  • Feeling Dandy


    This is a truly luxurious bar of soap! Untreated Clark County Kentucky dandelions were infused for weeks into olive oil and were added as the post-cook super fat to make sure that all those great benefits of the dandelions don’t get ruined during saponification. There’s so much about this bar to love! It’s scented with Cactus and Dewberry and smells just as delightful and cheery as it looks!

  • Ginger Silk


    Some days we make soaps that are so beautiful that I stand in awe of myself. And then some days….this #uglysoap. When the idea just doesn’t make its way out of my head and into the soap. Glycerin rivers in the yellow, that top layer of pink pushed into and around, and that’s not a stripe, but it’s…something. And that something is #ugly. On the functionality ends of things, it is a truly delightful soap to use. The perfect amount of slip and glide, very conditioning,  Fermented ginger juice and shredded ginger, tussah silk, shea butter,  coconut oil,  hazelnut oil, olive oil, yogurt for a really soft big bubble lather. Scented with ginger hemp.

  • Home On the Range –Bison Tallow


    Tallow we rendered from local grass fed bison, olive oil we infused with local organic dandelions and fresh lime juice make this unscented, no-colorant bar perfect for those with sensitive skin.  This is a dual-lye soap, using both sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to give you a very firm bar which works up an easy lather. We are almost sold out of these, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

  • Mango Maniac


    Mango Maniac is a true luxury “big butter” bar, meaning it packs a buttery punch, coming in at 40% mango butter! Convention says that this bar should be too moisturizing — too greasy to work up a good lather, but it isn’t! We had some tricks up our sleeves with mango puree,  coconut oil and potassium hydroxide. This bar has so much lather that it’s one of the few we recommend to be used as a shaving soap as well. And the smell is really lovely mild mango scent and gender-neutral.

  • Margarita Lime


    It smells just like Cinco de Mayo! This skin-loving bar is has a great lather that just won’t stop! And it smells just like happy hour on Cinco de Mayo! Utilizing real lime and lemon juices throughout help to carry the fiesta theme!

  • Mimsy – Vegan – Sensitive Skin


    Mimsy was designed to clean the most delicate of skin.  We started with herbs we use for after-birth sitz bath soaks (our custom blend of comfrey, lavender, plantain, red raspberry leaf, yarrow, and calendula), and we infused those into gentle rice bran oil.  When the oil was fully infused, we combined it with the best partner oils to produce a bar that would be long-lasting and have good lather. We made oat milk which we used for 2/3 of the water needed to dissolve the lye, and then we added citric acid to serve as an antioxidant for the rice bran and olive oils, and also to work as a chelator (helps avoid soap scum in hard water areas).  At the end, after the soap had cooked, we added more of the infused rice bran oil, soothing kaolin clay, and oat milk to provide an extra gentle and comforting bar of soap for your most sensitive skin needs.

  • My Old Kentucky Home — Bison Tallow


    This soap is a celebration of our beautiful home state of Kentucky! We incorporated Kentucky grass-fed bison tallow from Blackfish Bison Ranch and Local IPA from Abettor Brewing, both located right here in our home town of Winchester, Kentucky. Of course we added other skin-loving oils, yogurt, and even corn syrup to boost the lather. We finished it off by adding activated charcoal and a clean scent of fresh leather to complete the soap.  This is one of our most popular soaps with men, and we have quite a few women who love it as well! One smell, and you’ll swear you’ve stepped right into a leather store.  We think you’ll love it.

  • Pumpkin Roll


    These bars smell lie the perfect mix of pumpkin pie and cream cheese frosting. This cold process soap uses real pumpkin puree in place of the water in the recipe, and has a very nourishing feel on your skin! Lots of skin-loving ingredients in here.

  • Red Clay & Tea Tree Oil Face Bar


    This luxurious facial bar is strong enough to clean your skin, and gentle enough to not strip away beneficial oils. A slight amount of Tea Tree oil has been added to help tone and condition skin without causing breakouts.

    Gentle enough for your face. Strong enough for your whole body!

  • Spa Day


    Another super conditioning creamy soap! We started with aloe juice and coconut oil and added mango butter, rice bran oil, cocoa butter, and other skin-loving oils, cruelty-free silk and yogurt and we created a bar that took months to cure! We really worried it would be too conditioning to ever set up firm, but now that it’s finally cured, it’s such a nice bar! Creamy lather and happy skin! There’s no better combination!

    Spa Day is another fragrance that caught us by surprise. We started offering it in a single face-care product and quickly became overwhelmed by requests for it in everything from bath bombs to linen sprays! If you want clean, fresh, relaxing with just a touch of the right kind of bougie, this is your scent. It smells like self-care. Take care of you.