We think we truly have a soap for everyone. Whether you love the smooth gliding feel and fun appearance of a glycerin bar gliding across your skin (either transparent or opaque, either with detergent or without) or if you’re an old-fashioned soap lover, we have bars for you! If you love a liquid detergent-based soap or an old-fashioned homemade old-fashioned liquid soap (either foaming or standard pump) we have a product for you! If you prefer either whipped or shave soap, we’ve got something for you!  If you have special skin needs or just preferences, we likely have something in the store and if not shoot us an email! We do a lot of custom batches of soaps where we work with you to select the ingredients perfect for your needs. Soaps with coffee? tea? herbal infusions? vegan? lard? honey? beer? aloe juice? horchata? fruit purees? beeswax? bee pollen? coconut milk? yogurt? wild-harvested tussah silk? We can and we will work with you to create a solution that has the properties you love using ingredients you’re proud to use!

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  • Mimsy – Vegan – Sensitive Skin


    Mimsy was designed to clean the most delicate of skin.  We started with herbs we use for after-birth sitz bath soaks (our custom blend of comfrey, lavender, plantain, red raspberry leaf, yarrow, and calendula), and we infused those into gentle rice bran oil.  When the oil was fully infused, we combined it with the best partner oils to produce a bar that would be long-lasting and have good lather. We made oat milk which we used for 2/3 of the water needed to dissolve the lye, and then we added citric acid to serve as an antioxidant for the rice bran and olive oils, and also to work as a chelator (helps avoid soap scum in hard water areas).  At the end, after the soap had cooked, we added more of the infused rice bran oil, soothing kaolin clay, and oat milk to provide an extra gentle and comforting bar of soap for your most sensitive skin needs.

  • Pumpkin Roll


    These bars smell lie the perfect mix of pumpkin pie and cream cheese frosting. This cold process soap uses real pumpkin puree in place of the water in the recipe, and has a very nourishing feel on your skin! Lots of skin-loving ingredients in here.