We want you to fall in love with your skin! We’ve worked hard with skincare professionals to develop the most amazing skincare products just for you! High-end luxury products with a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay. We’re small enough to be willing and able to create products for any type of skin. If you don’t see something you want, just ask us!

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  • African Shea Butter Soufflé


    Our African Shea Butter Soufflé is consistently one of our best sellers! Rich, luxe, moisturizing, yet impossibly lightweight! Almost everyone who tries it takes home a jar. Just the slightest amount is needed and it begins to melt into your skin as soon as you begin to glide it across your fingers. Shea butter has always been known to be very soothing to dry, chapped skin. Add in the benefits of argan oil, frankincense powder and our frankincense and myrrh essential oil and fragrance oil blend, and this becomes the go-to moisturizer for year-round use.  Just enough tapioca starch is added to keep it from feeling greasy. Your skin will appear to glow and the smell of the real frankincense will make you want to keep breathing in deep.

  • Deep Love Massage & Body Oil


    This product is loved by retail customers because it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Therapists like it because the slip and glide lasts during treatment sessions. You should note that a small amount of oil goes a VERY long way, making this product one of the most cost effective oil blends on the market. Deep love is one of our custom scents formulated in our Loco Lab. It smells of champagne and berries with notes of sugar and vanilla. A sweet but grownup scent.

  • Foaming Sugar Scrub


    Our foaming sugar scrub is a beautiful mix of foaming mild soap, skin-loving glycerin, and sugar. Perfect for use over your entire body, but it is a customer favorite for face and for feet!  Use it anywhere you need exfoliating or to have callouses sloughed off.


  • Intense Hydration Serum


    This amazing serum has changed our lives! Suitable for all skin types, and 100% vegan, this hyaluronic acid and radish root ferment serum glides on silky smooth to attract moisture to your face all day long!   If you have skin that is aging too quickly, or that is so dry that it cracks or hurts, this is the serum you want! Hyarluronic acid is present in every part of your body. It attracts and binds with water up to 1000 x its weight. It lubricates the joints. It is in the fluid between cells. It helps collagen and elastin to hold their place in the skin. It is amazing! Our hyaluronic acid is made by the bacterial fermentation of plant matter (generally using glucose derived from potatoes and beans).  It is considered vegan. Our other ingredient, the radish root ferment is derived from radishes fermented with Leuconostoc kimchii, a lactic acid bacteria that has traditionally been used to make kimchi, this product consists of an isolated peptide that is secreted from the bacteria during the fermentation process that has been shown to have antimicrobial benefits. This product is accepted by ECOcert as an ingredient in certified organic cosmetics.  It is also on Whole Foods Acceptable Premium Preservative List.

  • Moisturizing Gel


    Imagine the most amazing silky gel you’ve ever felt, now imagine we added a ton of skin-loving ingredients, like Sea Buckthorn Extract, White Tea Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Honeyquat, Carrot Powder, Aloe, Omegas 3, 6, 7, & 9, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E, and that when you applied it, it just soaked right into your skin leaving you feeling glowy and dewy and not at all greasy!

    That’s what we’ve done with this gel! We worked closely with a licensed aesthetician to provide exactly the qualities she wanted for her clients and everyone who’s tried it is obsessed with it! She now uses this product in her facials and loves it enough to carry it!