We’ve worked closely with Nails by Belinda to develop professional salon-quality pedicure products that you can use right in your own home or in your salon. Pedi powders, moisturizing lotions, sugar scrubs, heel balm, cuticle oils and more. We can keep your hands and feet looking and feeling their best!

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  • African Shea Butter Soufflé


    Our African Shea Butter Soufflé is consistently one of our best sellers! Rich, luxe, moisturizing, yet impossibly lightweight! Almost everyone who tries it takes home a jar. Just the slightest amount is needed and it begins to melt into your skin as soon as you begin to glide it across your fingers. Shea butter has always been known to be very soothing to dry, chapped skin. Add in the benefits of argan oil, frankincense powder and our frankincense and myrrh essential oil and fragrance oil blend, and this becomes the go-to moisturizer for year-round use.  Just enough tapioca starch is added to keep it from feeling greasy. Your skin will appear to glow and the smell of the real frankincense will make you want to keep breathing in deep.

  • Deep Love Massage & Body Oil


    This product is loved by retail customers because it leaves the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Therapists like it because the slip and glide lasts during treatment sessions. You should note that a small amount of oil goes a VERY long way, making this product one of the most cost effective oil blends on the market. Deep love is one of our custom scents formulated in our Loco Lab. It smells of champagne and berries with notes of sugar and vanilla. A sweet but grownup scent.

  • Foaming Sugar Scrub


    Our foaming sugar scrub is a beautiful mix of foaming mild soap, skin-loving glycerin, and sugar. Perfect for use over your entire body, but it is a customer favorite for face and for feet!  Use it anywhere you need exfoliating or to have callouses sloughed off.


  • Pedi Powder Foot Soak


    Our pedicure powder was created for use in  Nails By Belinda at Design Team Salon pedicures. She wanted a powder that could be put into the pedicure bath that would soften callouses, condition the skin, and relax the feet.  It needed to rinse clean of the pedicure tub and not clog the drains nor stain the skin. It took us a lot of trial and error to find the right mix of ingredients to accomplish the task and we think it’s amazing! If you want the full Loco Soap Pedicure experience, Nails by Belinda is still the only salon that uses Loco Products from start to finish — from Pedi Powder to Foaming Sugar Scrub to Massage and Body Oil to Moisturizing Cream to Shea Butter Souffle to Heel Balm! Your feet have never felt so refreshed!


  • Shea Butter Sugar Scrubs


    Filled with the goodness of shea butter and sugar with just enough soap to get you clean. The smell of  patchouli will linger on your skin.