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  • Everything Roses Gift Set


    Our Dozen Roses Nourishing Oil has a dozen organic roses in each and every bottle. Filled with the highest-quality oils for your skin. — Vegan

    Our Roses Nourishing Oil Soap uses the Dozen Roses Nourishing Oil as its base, and has added coconut oil, mango butter and aloe juice to give it an amazingly creamy lather that leaves your skin feeling velvety after. It has a wonderful scent of freshly cut roses. –Vegan

    Our Rose Garden Heart-Shaped Bath Bomb uses our tried and true recipe to give you a super conditioning bath with water that turns a stunning rose color! — Vegan

    Our Chocolate Roses Massage and Lotion Bar combines unrefined cocoa butter with a natural, rich chocolate scent with sweet almond oil and beeswax. Real organic rose petals embedded throughout. Available in varying sizes, you will receive either one large oval bar, one large heart bar or one medium heart bar and one small heart bar together, depending on stock availability. — Not vegan because of the beeswax

    Comes shrink-wrapped in an attractive box. These are a $43.50 value!